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CodeandControl is your trusted digital project management service.

On demand

We interview, hire and manage freelancers according to your needs and timescales. While we take care of day-to-day management, you remain in control at all times.

Within budget

Get work done at a fraction of the cost of large agencies. We typically handle small-size web and digital projects ranging from $1000 to $10,000.

Partner with us

We primarily work with design agencies and PR consultancies. We can also work internally as a white-label service to strengthen your existing team.

How do we build an website twice as fast?

Rather than coding by hand or using templates, we use a rapid template builder tool … think of it as Lego for building websites.

These building blocks allows quick customisation of complicated layouts with pixel-perfect accuracy

A few simple steps to a beautiful website:

1. Structure:
Sketch the main website layout and sitemap

2. Skeleton:
Draw wireframe designs of the main pages

3. Prototype:
Build an interactive prototype

4. Polish:
Add typography, graphics, icons, colours and illustration

5. Content
We work with content writers and editors to prepare content for the content management system.

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